Vision Board Magic

Creating a vision board is fun and easy. All that you need is:


– Blank poster board

– Old magazines

– Scissors

– Glue


Scan through your magazines for what you love about life. This can include anything that catches your attention in a positive way, draws an emotional charge or makes you dream more with a smile. If you have some specific goals in mind, like getting a new job, you can cater your pictures to that specific goal.

A vision board does not have to be completely covered. Keep cutting and pasting pictures until you feel that it is done, no matter how much white space is showing.

Now, let the law of attraction get to work for you! Creating a vision board sets an intention for what you would like to bring into your life. Energy is like a magnet and once it is focused, synchronicity and coincidence will work in your favour to adjust life to make these things happen.

The most important part of the vision board is letting it go and allowing it to happen. Know that your dreams and goals are on their way, working to meet up with you. In the mean time, create a life that you love everyday by adding things that make you feel good into your daily routine.


About Carrieanne

Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Spiritual Guide. Bringing attention to the mysteries of life and empowering the human spirit.
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