Veils Between the Worlds

Halloween is the one day of the year that the veils between the dimensions are the thinnest. As such, it is easiest for souls to pass through and be seen.

This celebration of Samhain originated in ancient pagan tradition as a day to honour the dead. It is a time of remembering loved ones and sharing their stories, but also a time to honour the children, for they are the returning ancestors.

The ancient tradition explains that Jack ‘O Lanterns are carved to ward off evil spirits that may pass by your door. Disguises (costumes) are worn to confuse the spirits so that they do not harm. Candy is passed out to appease the spirits, who become distracted by their excessive nature to over consume.

This year, as the full moon rises in the darkness, take a moment to light a candle and say a prayer for your loved ones that have passed. Send a prayer of light to the lost souls that are still on their journey home, and for the troubled souls that cannot find peace. Because the energies are so thin on this one night, they will be sure to hear you and will welcome the well wishes.


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