That Which Is Hidden

Uncovering the signs and symbols that are in the workings of the everyday is quite simple. There are 3 categories of hidden information:



When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to lie in bed and ‘feel’ out your day. Were your dreams positive or negative? Are they having an effect on you as you wake up? How do you feel in general upon waking – happy, sad, energized, overtired, etc. What needs to be done in your day?

The few moments that you take in the morning to bring awareness to how you feel will give you a head start on your day. If you are feeling energized and happy, do as much as you can to check off your to-do list and fulfill your obligations. If you are feeling low, be easy on yourself and minimize the clutter in your day, only doing what is necessary. This puts you in flow with your internal rhythm.


Numerical Signs:

Numbers are everywhere, creating the world around you. Pay attention. Are you seeing odd numbers that signify balance, or odd ones, meaning imbalance? Have you noticed some of your lucky numbers, or the same numbers repeating?

The general meaning of the numbers are as follows:

o – divine assistance

1 – beginnings

2 – peace, harmony, relationship

3 – creativity, communication

4- obstacles, creating a foundation

5 – joy of life, adventure, fun

6 – family relationships

7 – faith, healing, transformation

8 – abundance of all kinds

9 – endings, completion of a cycle, getting ready to begin again



“What are the chances of that?!” If you catch yourself saying this, then you have just experienced a moment of serendipity, filled with information. Pay attention. What did the coincidence mean to you?

Synchronicity is an open door of the universe, giving you an opportunity to move forward. Are you ready? If so, pursue the person, place or thing that is involved in your chance happening. It will take you onto the next stage of your life’s journey.


As a general rule of thumb, “when in doubt, feel it out.” All three hidden parts of your day can also be felt as intuitions and hunches. Go with what feels right and good, in alignment with what you love. 





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