Sun Moon Tao

I’ve always felt most fortunate in life, but there are times when something happens that trumps all meaning and experience. This morning I was up very early walking my border collie. She is always ready to go at 6am, while my eyes are still foggy and my focus is on putting one leg in front of the other.

We walked along a pathway near my home as we always do, but something was urging me to climb a nearby hill and walk there. As I crested the top of the hill I came face to face with a glowing red sun. It was just coming up and showing itself off as a fully formed circle amongst the morning cloud cover. How wonderful! I was so excited and was so lost in the moment I didn’t realize that my dog was still far behind me. When I turned to call her I noticed the bright full moon setting in the opposite direction! How amazing! At that moment I found myself standing in between the rising sun and the setting full moon!!

This has significant importance to me as a life-long student of Feng Shui. A most lucky omen in understanding how to direct my affairs going forward into the next few months. How wonderfully mysterious life is!!


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