Student of Time

I’ve been studying Chinese Medicine now for one and a half years and find myself completely mesmerized by its wisdom. It’s history is hidden amongst many sages over the past 5000 years, who gathered knowledge specifically on how the body works, how it breaks down and how to heal it. Extremely simple and made of practical common sense, I find myself wondering how more people aren’t aware of how easy it is to heal with just a needle or two in the right place and perhaps a few herbs to boost the body.

I’m always quite curious of the process of things…how they begin, what brings them together, the reason for being, where they will lead to. With this in mind I heartily laugh at myself and who I was beginning my first year of studying. I had gone for acupuncture and taken herbs before, but really had no idea how it worked, the perception of an outsider compared to now as I see things as the insider. It’s like layers of an onion were unwrapped, ever so carefully all year long to prepare for the jewel hidden at the center.

This year, year two, I find myself immersed within a deeper understanding of not just how things work, but how they began, what brings them together, the reason for being and where they will lead to. This program of Chinese Medicine is a journey of personal healing. I see that I am changed by being in it, and my part in the lives of others is creating change. I still have 2 years to go to complete this journey – the first part of my learning in Chinese Medicine – and I can’t wait to see what new changes time brings.


About Carrieanne

Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Spiritual Guide. Bringing attention to the mysteries of life and empowering the human spirit.
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