Releasing the Past

Life runs in cycles – circles of time that are created with a beginning, working through a middle and eventually coming to an end. Some circles are small and will only take up a small amount of time in your life, while others are larger, taking up years or even lifetimes.

Life will give you many clues when its time to end a cycle. For example, it can reveal itself in a relationship as a miscommunication, being too busy to connect or simply finding your interests have changed into a new direction that are not in alignment with the other person.

When it is time for an ending, allow it to fall away. Let it go and start looking in a new direction. Most often there is already another path to follow. If not, life is telling you that you are missing something important. There is another path that you are not aware of.

Trust in life. Throughout the magical web that it weaves, it shows the way. In releasing the past without any attachment, you allow your future to unfold, creating a life that you love.


About Carrieanne

Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Spiritual Guide. Bringing attention to the mysteries of life and empowering the human spirit.
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