Releasing Karma

Everything is connected. All things that you experience are a result of what you have thought. Each person that comes into your life is here to balance a karmic issue that has been created in a previous life.

This covers all things – the good, the bad, the health, the sickness, the pain and suffering and joy of others as well as yourself. Every interaction or experience you have with others is created by you to teach you a lesson. Not all lessons are learned, but hopefully, with mindfulness and conscious awareness you are able to grasp the meaning and importance of each moment as it passes.

The “good” things are meant to be appreciated. Give gratitude in thanks for the abundance they bring. The “bad” things are in your life so that they may be corrected. If left unchecked, you will continually experience them over and over in this lifetime and others until the situation has been balanced.

Balancing your karma with others is done in a simple process called Ho’oponopono. It is Hawaiian healing of forgiveness, meaning to make right. Visualize the person in your life that is suffering or causing your suffering and say:


I love you.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.


This allows you to take responsibility and remove the karmic debt. It is most amazing, with many people reporting miracles as a result. Sick people are cured. Bullies become friends, relationships are repaired. For more information, read Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits. It explains in detail the process of Hawaiian Ho’oponopono healing:


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