Reiki Blessings

In the past couple of months I’ve had an influx of people taking their Reiki Level Two. It’s always interesting to me how groups of like-minded people start to form and come together. Even though they may not have met before, these souls begin a journey as strangers, go through the self-development associated with taking Reiki and journey into a new world where lives are changed forever amongst new friends that become part of a family.

Reiki brings so many blessings. When a person decides to take Reiki the decision itself is transformational. Often students will tell me their stories of how life shifted in a new direction prior to coming to class.  Then there is the change that occurs while learning all the new information and opening up to things that they never before thought possible. Reiki is an evolution in self-development. By the time a student completes a level two class they are more empowered, confident and grounded, much stronger than they were before.

When I get together with other Reiki Masters, we all agree that there is life before Reiki and life after Reiki. There is such a profound positive change that occurs that it boosts the student to a whole new world of understanding and being. Congratulations to all the new students who have completed their Reiki Level Two this summer!! I look forward to supporting and sharing in your experiences and perhaps finding a few new Reiki Masters amongst you!



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