Leap of Faith

2013 is a magical year of energy rising.

The energy coming in this year is very unusual. It’s not fixed, representing a short list of themes, but instead is always in motion and in the midst of transformation. This year is whatever you want it to be. Whatever your thoughts are creating will be made manifest. There will be many options this year for each individual choice that you make, and the one that holds the most power behind it is the one that you feel is a leap of faith.

Things are not always what they seem. A leap of faith is a choice that you feel must be acted upon, even though you have no reason to explain why. You may not even fully know the outcome of your choice, but have an overwhelming feeling to step into the unknown and allow it to be revealed to you.

Winnie the Pooh comes to mind – the bear that accomplishes everything by doing nothing, but living in the moment. I once saw a picture of him holding onto the string of a helium balloon, gently lifting him off the ground. Not knowing where it will take him, he trusts that the balloon is the vehicle to put him where he needs to be, because it is what showed up in the moment.

Listen to your feelings. Trust your heart. Live in the moment. Take a leap of faith and allow the magic of life to place you where you need to be.



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