Year of the Snake is characteristically one of chaos. It is designed to eliminate those things from your life that are no longer in your best interest. Intense change, constantly moving you from one life event to the next, may bring on frustration and distress. When chaos ensues, it is really important to go back to your personal foundation. Ask yourself the following questions:

-What does the word foundation mean to you? Make a list of tag words that have personal meaning. Some words that come to mind are: strength, spending time in nature, time for reflection, exercise, etc.

-Do these foundational elements exist in your life right now? If so, how many?

-If not, how can you reincorporate these basic themes into your daily structure? Try adding in a new foundation point every week until you are back on track.

The key to this exercise is the awareness of what makes you your best. When your personal foundation is strong, you are able to take on life’s challenges with little strife. What is your personal foundation?


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