Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine

I have been studying Feng Shui for my entire life…

My mother was keenly interested in energy and practiced Mediation and Qi Gong as well as Feng Shui while I was growing up. Not many people in the early 70’s were wanting to delve into these Eastern subjects still new to the Western world, so my mom used to practice her exercises with me.

Can you imagine a three year old starting out this way in the world? I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I grew up understanding the world as a magical place, one which could be moulded and shaped around each individual. Growing up with this perspective was the greatest asset you could imagine – filled with hopes and dreams to help make things better everywhere I went.

As I grew I kept adding more and more information on how to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams, always looking for more tools to help, more ways to open doors where they were closed. And then I found Chinese Medicine!

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a foundation based in 5 Elements and the I Ching, just like Feng Shui. In fact, in asia most Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors are required to study Feng Shui as a foundation for Chinese Medicine!!!

Of course you know where this is going…I now help clients with Feng Shui, and am currently two years away from completing my program as a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor!! One foundation built on another…to help people build stronger foundations.


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