Dream Time

Dream time is the most valuable moment of each day. Dreaming creates space for creativity, imagination and stretching the boundaries of what is possible. There are 3 different kinds of dreaming:


1) Unconscious Dreaming

This type of dreaming is most often done at night, while you are asleep. Keep track of these adventures in a journal to remember what signs and symbols appear.


2) Daydreaming

A fascinating way of stretching personal boundaries, daydreaming can appear in two different ways:

–  Thoughts that accumulate on their own, creating a story in your unaware mind that rises to the conscious mind.

–  Triggers that create an unfolding daydream. Synchronistic events and meetings or thinking about certain ideas, people or goals can set your mind off on a tangent. Allow it to explore. See where the mind takes you, testing opportunities on a possible future path.


3) Meditation

Being present and allowing the mind to flow naturally is the most freeing experience. There is no action taken by a person who is mediating. The only thing necessary is to observe the thoughts that come into the mind’s eye. This type of mediation can be done while exercising, shopping, cleaning the house or during any task that gives some mental freedom.


Any quiet spaces that allow the mind to pause and wander stretch personal boundaries. Freedom to think of hopes, goals and aspirations is necessary to explore ideas that will enhance creativity. A creative mind is flexible, constantly filled with new ideas and exploring possible opportunities. Dreamers are the world’s great visionaries. When was the last time you paid attention to your dreams?


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