Change is such a good thing – especially when it comes by way of a breakthrough!

Shattering the confines of your old self and pushing into a new expanded way of being is a major theme this year. 2013, Year of the Snake is full of many transformations, both big and small. Think of a snake shedding its skin. At some point during the year you will shed your old skin and embark upon a completely new journey. However both before and after this major shedding of your old self there will be a series of small changes to prepare you for the drastic shift into a new dimension of your life and then to assist in getting accustomed to the change.

During periods of such intense shifting energy, its important to focus on what nourishes you, what lifts you up, what brings you joy. Be out in nature as much as possible. Feed your spirit. Do what you love to do, and most importantly, follow your heart. It will always lead you in the right direction.

The Year of the Snake comes every twelve years. It’s purpose is to move you forward in life, to allow you to make a better choice, to give you the gift of beginning again. Embrace it and be thankful. This time next year you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for all the good fortune that these changes brought to you.



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    Great information, thank you! 🙂

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