Benefits of Being Silly

Got the winter blahs? Feeling down? Try something different…

Remember being a kid? Some days it seems so far away. Where did all the reckless abandon go? When was the last time you ate ice cream for breakfast, jumped in mud puddles, or let loose literal puns for the fun of just plain being silly?

Silliness takes the hardship out of life and adds in the fun. Laughing often is not only a great stress release, the joy it adds to the day is priceless: laughs + smiles = more contentment. Plus it’s contagious! Your laughter could make someone else’s day. Here are a few tips to add silliness into your day:

-When you wake up in the morning, start by being completely and totally grateful for just waking up, just being alive. Smile as big as you can and count your many blessings.

-Singing is a very important part of being silly. If you’re not used to singing in the shower or the car, try it out. At the top of your lungs let loose! You’ll be smiling in no time!

-Wear two different coloured socks. Aw, come on…who’s gonna see? Every time you remember I guarantee you will smile, plus there is the added benefit for those people that do notice!

-Tell a joke. Don’t know any? is a great place to start.

-Eat some candy. Chew some bubble gum. You know, to get you in the having fun mood!

-Any time something stressful happens in your day, see if you can laugh about it. Adopt the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” attitude. You’ll be amazed how positive your life will become.





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