A New Day Is Dawning

So much of the old life I once knew has fallen away. I used to think that I had a plan and my life would move in the direction that I carefully constructed over the years. Well something interesting happened….

Feng Shui is an interesting tool. I learned it from my mother as a small child, not even knowing that it was something particular. My mother would show me that there are certain things that to do at certain times of the day, or when people are around or when acquiring a goal. I was a willing subject and followed her lead until it became so completely ingrained within me that it became a part of me. I studied it deeply for many, many years and still practice it in some way everyday. You see 8 years ago I used a special Feng Shui trick to make a plan for the future. And anyone who knows understands that the universe will focus all of its energy to make these sort of things happen.

And so here I am. On a new path, beginning again in a sense, on the most fascinating journey I could ever imagine. I will document all of these new happenings as often as possible and share the magic of life and how it unfolds meaning and purpose in small, defined parcels of learning. This website is changing, small ways at first, moving onto something big – spoilers!! Will mention more as the story unfolds. All you need to know right now, is that it all started when my kids were in diapers. I was half-heartedly flipping through a magazine while watching my kids run through the maze at a local play place, and stumbled upon a picture that made me stop and catch my breath. It was a woman who had just become a doctor on her 50th birthday…


About Carrieanne

Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Spiritual Guide. Bringing attention to the mysteries of life and empowering the human spirit.
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